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School visits at Science North and Dynamic Earth are suspended until further notice, however, we are happy to support your classroom teachings in a variety of ways, including synchronous learning opportunities, as well as online resources and activities.



On-site programs for elementary students will look a little different this fall at Dynamic Earth. We have grouped our hands-on programs and created Full-Day Packages. When booking a Full Day Package at Dynamic Earth, your day will include:

  • Two hands-on school programs
  • An object theatre experience
  • Guided exploration time
  • An option for an Underground Mine Tour

The changes to the visit this fall have been made to ensure the health and safety of your group. To this end, your day will be led entirely by one Bluecoat and will limit your groups interactions with others.

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Robots and Craters!

Students will spend their day discovering coding and robotics when they "Meet the Ozobots". Then get a hands on experience with how craters are made in "Crater Maker!".

Meet the Ozobots: Automation and robotics are at the forefront of new mining techniques. Your students will be introduced to coding and robotics using Ozobots. They will help students trace shapes and designs, and inspire learning through hands-on activities!

Crater Maker: 1.85 billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit Earth and formed what we know as the Sudbury Impact Structure. Students get hands-on experience with real meteorites and learn how craters are formed. They will also get to explore what meteorites teach us about geology and outer space by creating their own impacts.

Grades 1 to 2

Weather and Soil

Students will bring the great outdoors, indoors! They'll learn about weather systems in "Wicked Weather" and create their own ecosystems with soil and rocks in "Fresh Air-Fables".

Wicked Weather: We know that air and water are needed to live, but they are also key factors in creating the weather we experience every day. Why and how are they constantly flowing and changing? From windstorms to rain clouds, students will explore both water and air cycles and how they work together to create the weather.

Fresh-Air Fables: Put your students’ imaginations to work! They will create their own mini-ecosystems using soil, miniature rocks and minerals, animals, plants and other resources. As their environment changes, they will craft a unique story about daily life in their habitats. Students consider how human impact and effects from climate change may alter their landscape, and ultimately discover how living things adapt.

Grades 3 to 4

The Earth Beneath our Feet

Student will dig exploring the colours of soil in "The Science of Soil" Then solve some mineral mysteries in "Mineral Madness!".

The Science of Soil: Soil is essential for plant life on Earth, which in turn feeds us, provides shelter for animals, and keeps our air clean. Your students will get their hands dirty while exploring the various colours of soil, its composition, and sorting soil by particle sizes. The end goal: understanding why soil is absolutely necessary for the planet. 

Mineral Madness: Solve the mysteries of mineral identification! Minerals are used in our everyday products, from electronics to table salt. Students will learn the characteristics that make these minerals so useful and how to identify our most common minerals.

Grades 4 to 6

A Powerful World

Students will engage and learn about the forces around us that shape and shake our planet in "Shaking It Up!" Then experience the power of the sun, and how we harness it for our survival in "The Power of the Sun".

Shaking It Up!: Things are really going to get shaking when your students become amateur seismologists. They will examine the forces that not only shape our planet, but can also shake it up. They will experiment with the systems and instruments that help locate and measure the force of earthquakes. Hold on tight!

The Power of the Sun: Energy from the sun is essential to all living things on this planet—and Canadians have come up with some pretty innovative ways to use its power! Your students can discover the benefits of using the sun’s energy and even how it can help reduce our carbon footprint.

Minerals Rock!

Students will learn to identify common minerals in "Mineral Madness" And discover the rock cycle and produce their own rock art in "Rock On!"

Mineral madness: Solve the mysteries of mineral identification! Minerals are used in our everyday products, from electronics to table salt. Students will learn the characteristics that make these minerals so useful and how to identify our most common minerals.

Rock on!: Get ready to rock! This hands-on workshop lets students discover more about rocks, including putting a rock cycle together and learning how rocks are used in our everyday lives, from industry to art. Focusing on a common rock type, students will use their knowledge and creativity to produce their own piece of rock art.

Grades 7 to 8

Water and Heat

Students will conduct cool experiments using the properties of water in "Fantastic Fluids" And then explore the depts of the earth and how we deal with the heat using a real Hydraulic Air Compressor in "Beat the Heat".

Fantastic Fluids: We live in a world of water. From our atmosphere, oceans and core, we breathe, drink and use fluids every day. Students will learn how water works within our environments and all about its amazing properties by completing some very cool experiments.

Beat the Heat: Heat is an essential part of Earth's processes. How is Earth's heat created and transmitted? Why does it get hotter the deeper we go underground? How can we safely dig deeper with all this heat? Students will explore these questions with an engaging hands-on activities.

Secondary School Programs 

Secondary school groups’ days will include:

  • Two hands-on school programs
  • An object theatre experience
  • Free exploration time
  • An option for an Underground Mine Tour

Please choose up to two of the secondary school programs listed below.

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Sudbury’s Green Story

50 minutes

Celebrate 40 years of regreening Sudbury! In this program, students dive into our city’s story, including its unique geology and how we progressed into a beautiful city. Learn about the meteor impact, the eventual mining influence on the landscape, and the regreening efforts to restore our natural environment. Venture out on Dynamic Earth's property to take in unique sights and geological features (weather permitting).

A Career in Mining 

90 minutes

Is a mining career in the future for some of your students? The skills required to locate, develop and operate a mine are all very different from each other. That’s why the Mining Sector is associated with a multitude of career options. Each taking on a distinct role, students will work together to manage a mine site and turn it into a successful investment!

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