Sunset to Sunrise Camp-In

Sunset to Sunrise Camp-Ins are suspended until further notice. However, we are happy to support your classroom teachings in a variety of ways, including synchronous learning opportunities, as well as online resources and activities.


Take part in an ALL-NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA with a scientific twist. There's no other program like it!

Our enthusiastic and energetic Bluecoats keep your group busy from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., leading a night of discoveries and experiences in a safe and fun environment through:

  • Educational and exciting hands-on science programs
  • Unique multimedia theatres
  • A captivating live science show
  • A visit to the F. Jean MacLeod Butterfly Gallery
  • Exciting science challenges
  • Science centre exploration
  • A giant-screen IMAX® film screening complete with pop and popcorn
  • A healthy continental breakfast


  • Student — $73
  • Supervising Adult — $34
  • Additional Adult — $39

We require a minimum of 25 students to book a camp-in experience. Supervising adults are those necessary to meet the recommended student/supervisor ratio. Any adults over the recommended ratio will be charged the additional adult rate.


The Science North IMAX® Theatre has a full library of films to choose from for morning time slots. Schools may also book regularly scheduled films in the afternoon public schedule.


Students will receive a pop and popcorn snack during the IMAX® movie, as well as a snack during the night. A choice of breakfast bento box is provided at 6:30 a.m. Students should bring enough liquids to help them stay hydrated throughout the night. Students can bring their own additional snacks, but food is not to be consumed throughout the science centre. There will be designated snack times and areas. You may also add dinner to your itinerary for an additional $15, served prior to the beginning of the Camp-in.

CHOICE OF BREAKFAST BENTO BOX (included in Camp-In price)



  • Fruit

  • 3 x mini naan breads

  • Cheese portion

  • Nutrigrain bar

  • Yogurt raisins

  • Chocolate bite



  • Croissant with jam

  • Cookie

  • Whole fruit


*Additional $5 + HST charge per person


  • 3 x pancakes
  • 2 x bacon slices
  • Potato wedges
  • Small bottle of juice



Travel through the universe in Science North's digital Planetarium for an additional $5 per person, plus applicable taxes.

Extend your educational experience into the stars! Your students will be immersed in the sciences of the universe. Led by our scientists, this high-tech, multimedia experience is designed to complement the space curriculum while sparking an interest in the world beyond our planet. Using high-quality imagery and audio, the Planetarium brings to life your students' journey through space.


Arrive earlier and visit Dynamic Earth, home of the Big Nickel, for an additional $11 per student/additional adult, plus applicable taxes. Admission for supervising adults is free when accompanying students within the recommended ratio.


$15 per person (taxes included)


  • Grilled chicken breast
  • Potato wedges


  • Spaghetti and meatballs

Both dinner options include rolls and butter, salad, milk or juice and dessert.


A non-refundable deposit of $300 per school group is required to confirm your booking. This deposit is waived for Member schools. Full payment is required upon arrival at Science North or Dynamic Earth. Please bring a cheque, VISA or MasterCard to pay the full amount of the invoice, less your deposit. Cheques are to be made payable to Science North and include your school’s name, invoice number, and visit date.


  • Advise the Science North supervisor on duty of any students that may have medical/health conditions or dietary restrictions. This can be faxed to (705) 522-1677 or e-mailed prior to your arrival: schoolvisit [at]
  • The Science North ratio of leaders to students is 1:15. Have your students organized into groups of 15 with at least one supervising adult designated to accompany each group for the night.
  • Ask students to wear comfortable clothing and shoes for the evening, excluding pyjamas.
  • Ensure students have a pillow and sleeping bag for the designated rest areas.
  • Supervising adults are to stay with groups throughout the night, and may be designated to a rest area to supervise resting students if required.
  • Remind students to bring liquid to stay hydrated throughout the night. There are water fountains on site. Snacks they bring are to be eaten in designated areas only. Coffee will be provided for adults during the evening.
  • In case of an emergency during the Camp-In, contact the Site Supervisor at (705) 507-8763. No one will be available at the regular Science North number after 9 p.m.
  • Your bus driver will be ready with the bus to board students at 7 a.m. sharp. Have a contact number for your bus driver if you need to contact them in case of emergency.

Students and teachers will have fun, be positive and participate in all planned activities. Students who leave their groups without permission or who endanger themselves, others or Science North property, will spend the rest of the night with their teacher in a designated rest area.

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