Homeschool Program

Join us for the 2023–2024 school year as we offer innovative and hands-on school experiences for your children!

Each Homeschool Monday, students will be able to sign up for one hands-on program in a particular lab exploring various science topics, as well as register to watch one live science show in the Discovery Theatre. Students will perform experiments using scientific equipment, design and prototype exhibits, explore science in the great outdoors and become scientists themselves!

Homeschool days begin at 10:00am


  • 8 curriculum-based school programs!

  • Live science and animal shows in the Discovery Theatre at Science North!

  • Epiroc Theatre shows and underground tours at Dynamic Earth!

* Please note that Homeschool Programs are only available in English


Science North is pleased to launch a new online purchasing system this year! Please read the information below.


The Homeschool Program is an add-on experience to our Family Membership. *


  • UNLIMITED ACCESS to Science North and Dynamic Earth

  • EXCLUSIVE MEMBER ONLY events and newsletter

  • SPECIAL DISCOUNTS on regularly priced items at Science North and Dynamic Earth

  • ADVANCED NOTICE of upcoming events

  • UNLIMITED FREE PARKING at Science North and Dynamic Earth

  • 10% OFF ADMISSION to NIGHTLIFE on the Rocks

  • 10% OFF REGISTRATION to ALL Camps programs (Summer Camps, PA Days, etc.)

  • 10% OFF Sudbury Wolves and Sudbury Five tickets AND YES Theatre tickets AND Kivi Park day passes!

  • 50% OFF admission tickets for up to four (4) accompanying guests per visit at Science North and Dynamic Earth

  • EARLY BIRD renewal bonus

* The Northern Family Membership is available for families who live outside of the City of Greater Sudbury



Member families may purchase a Homeschool Package for $45 per student plus applicable taxes. A discount of 5% per additional student will be applied (for a discount of up to 15%).


If you do not wish to be a Science North member, the non-member Homeschool Package is available for a discounted price.

Non-member families may choose to purchase a Homeschool Package for $80 per student plus applicable taxes. A discount of 5% per additional student will be applied (for a discount of up to 15%).

The non-member Homeschool Package includes admission for eight (8) specialized programming days, as well as one (1) general visit day * per month, starting September 11th, 2023 through to May 20th, 2024 (excluding January).

Additionally, individual days can be purchased for $11 / student, plus applicable taxes.

* General visit days are weekdays (Monday–Friday) and do not include holidays or special events


  • A package is available for each grade range. If you are purchasing multiple grades, please add all packages to your cart so the discount will be applied. Even though the packages are accessed from different links, they will be added into the same cart. Do not purchase them separately or the discount will not be applied.

  • To purchase a member package, please login with your Family Member credentials. You can verify your login information by calling the front desk at 705-522-3701.

  • To purchase a non-member package, you will need to register for our online purchasing system by creating an account. If you may already have an account with us, please call the front desk to verify at 705-522-3701.

  • There is no need to register for individual days when purchasing a package – this is a one-stop shop!

  • Tickets will be emailed to the address provided. Your tickets will be scanned upon entering the science center each Homeschool Monday.





Please email schoolvisit [at] if you have any questions.


  • Programs will run as scheduled with no minimum requirement for attendance.

  • Students must be present at the start time of the program to be able to participate.* Late arrivals will not be admitted to the program.

  • Students must be in the grade range specified for the program and be registered in the program to participate. Students that do not meet the grade level or are not registered will not be admitted to the program.

  • You may cancel your visit at any time by e-mailing schoolvisit [at] Otherwise, we will expect your group on the date booked.

* Once this is done, the group will present itself at the program location at least five (5) minutes before the program is set to begin.


  • All bookings must be made online

  • Any communication (whether to an individual Sales Agent or to the overall group) must be e-mailed to schoolvisit [at], never to any personal Science North e-mail.

  • When checking in at Science North or Dynamic Earth at the beginning of a school program visit, we ask that you bring your proof of purchase with you.



  • Science North Welcome and Orientation Day!

    • Science Show: Science Wonders


  • Science Show: Machines and Movement

KINDERGARTEN: Sounds of the Human Body
  • Hiccups, burbs and farts…oh my! Students will discover the reasons why the human body make certain sounds by exploring the organs that make these sounds. They will make observations by listening using a specialized medical instrument, by manipulating preserved organs and by measuring features of organs (i.e. length, width, number of heart beats).
GRADE 1 to 3: Winter Wildlife
  • We have warm clothing and furnaces to keep us warm all winter long, but how do animals survive the harsh winter? Whether migrating or hibernating, students will learn about the different strategies and adaptations animals use to weather the winter.
GRADE 4 to 6: Life in a Computer
  • Using a PyBadge and block-based coding, students will have the opportunity to build a curious and complicated system with parts that create patterns, move, and replicate. Students will be able to explore and interact with the code they’ve edited to create unexpected new patterns and compare them with what we see in nature.
GRADE 7 to 9: AI in Space
  • Prepare your students for a future driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Through learning about Canada's role as a leader in autonomous space robotics, students will be introduced to real-world applications of AI. They will use AI to complete challenges, learn its capabilities and limitations and discuss the ethical implications of AI in space and on Earth.


  • Live Animal Demonstration: Bats

  • Shapes are the building blocks of the world around us. This program offers students the chance to investigate and compare two-dimensional shapes using hands-on tools and technology. They will experiment with these shapes, while identifying and creating colourful patterns.
GRADES 1 to 3: Seasons: Will it Rain or Will it Snow?
  • Energy and the properties of liquids and solids are explored through the changing seasons. Students will learn how the Earth’s tilt creates different seasons and explore the seasons through repeating patterns and numbers.
GRADES 4 to 6: Let's Get Electric
  • In order to explore concepts of electrical energy and energy conservation, students will construct circuits using a variety of tools.
GRADES 7 to 9: Water in the Environment
  • In this program, students will use scientific tools (chlorine meter, pH strips and titrets) and their own curiosity to solve the question of "which water is which?”, all while learning about the unique properties of water and why it's important to living things.


  • Science Show: Flight

KINDERGARTEN: Animals and their Senses
  • Can you smell like a snake? Or hear like a bat? In this program students will interact with live animals, and learn about how other animals' five senses are different than our own.
GRADES 1 to 3: It's a Bug's World
  • What are bugs? What roles do bugs play in our lives? How can we learn more about bugs in our own backyards? This workshop will include live-insect demonstrations and a bug scavenger hunt on the 2nd floor.
GRADES 4 to 6: Colours of Light
  • Students will complete a series of activities to learn about the different wavelengths of visible light and their corresponding properties.
GRADES 7 to 9: Micro:bit Makers
  • Tinker with code and find out how electronic gadgets work! Students will learn the basics of block-based programming with Micro:bit, including the use of variables, conditions, randomization and loops.


  • Live Animal Demonstration: Rattlesnakes

KINDERGARTEN: Meet Your Family: Gikenim Ginigi'igoog
  • In this interactive program, students will meet live animals, move their bodies and learn about Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon and other members of our natural family. This program includes an interpretive reading of the poems in Meet Your Family: Gikenim Giniigi'igoog, written by David Bourchard, illustrated by Kristy Cameron.
GRADES 1 to 3: Math is in Our Nature
  • Discover how forms are made up of basic units of shapes and how these are found throughout the natural world, including our own bodies.
GRADES 4 to 6: Balance and Motion
  • Using the key concepts of force, balance, symmetry and motion, students will build a frame structure that includes a pulley in order to complete a challenge.
GRADES 7 to 9: Microscope Mysteries
  • This program will allow students to explore interesting phenomena on a microscopic scale. Using a variety of tools, they will have the opportunity to magnify and observe many every day items. Students will learn about different forms of microscopy and get to create their own micro-drawings.


  • Epiroc Show

  • 1.85 billion years ago, a huge meteorite hit Earth and formed what we know as the Sudbury Impact Structure. Students get hands-on experience with real meteorites and learn how craters are formed. They will also get to explore what meteorites teach us about geology and outer space by creating their own impacts.
GRADES 1 to 3: The Science of Soils
  • Soil is essential for plant life on Earth, which in turn feeds us, provides shelter for animals, and keeps our air clean. Your students will get their hands dirty while exploring the various colours of soil, its composition, and sorting soil by particle sizes. The end goal: understanding why soil is absolutely necessary for the planet.
GRADES 4 to 6: Mine Structures
  • Modern day mining safety and structures are designed to support the 1000s of tonnes above our miners' heads. How? Students will learn about shapes in structures seen in nature and in our man-made buildings, as well as the structures and forces used in keeping our mines safe. Students will also apply their new knowledge by building and testing mine structures of their own design! These structures will have to hold up to natural and man-made forces.
GRADES 7 to 9: Fantastic Fluids
  • We live in a world of water. From our atmosphere, oceans and core, we breathe, drink and use fluids every day. Students will learn how water works within our environments and all about its amazing properties by completing some very cool experiments.


  • Live Animal Demonstration: Turtle Crossing

  • In a series of hands-on activities, students will use scientific tools and methods to investigate the properties and interactions of various solids and liquids.
GRADES 1 to 3: Pushing and Pulling
  • Find out how pulleys can give you superhuman strength. Using tools and technology, students will build and investigate different types of pulley systems and evaluate how pulleys affect the amount of force required to lift a load.
GRADES 4 to 6: Our Place in Space
  • From the Sun to Neptune, immersive activities will let your students discover how Earth fits into the solar system and cosmos. They will experiment with tools and techniques scientists use to learn about all the planets (and dwarf planets) in our solar system.
GRADES 7 to 9: What is a Concussion?
  • What happens to a human brain when it is concussed? Students will manipulate a preserved brain to learn the effects of concussions. They will also try out concussion-simulation goggles and test helmet materials using an egg drop experiment.


  • Epiroc Show
    • Special Activity: Underground Tour

KINDERGARTEN: Fresh Air Fables
  • Put your students' imaginations to work! They will create their own mini ecosystems using soil, miniature rocks and minerals, animals, plants and other resources. As their environment changes, they will craft a unique story about daily life in their habitats. Students consider how human impact and effects from climate change may alter their landscape, and ultimately discover how living things adapt.
GRADES 1 to 3: Wicked Weather
  • We know that air and water are needed for all life to survive, but they are also key factors in creating the weather we experience every day. Why and how are they constantly flowing and changing? From windstorms to rain clouds, students will explore the natural cycles of water and air. Students will learn and how they work together to create weather.
GRADES 4 to 6: Shaking it Up!
  • Tectonic plates – the puzzle pieces that together shape our world! These plates are constantly moving, grinding past one another, and with all this energy eventually comes an EARTHQUAKE! In this activity students will become amateur seismologists and learn all about the three types of plate boundaries, how the forces applied to plates can create an earthquake and how the waves move throughout our Earth.
GRADES 7 to 9: Beat the Heat
  • Our planet is heated on the surface by the sun, but under our feet is a ball of liquid iron and nickel that is over 4000 degrees Celsius! Students will learn how heat travels throughout the earth, how miners deal with the heat the deeper we get and learn about the deepest mines in the world. Students will Learn how heat is transferred through the earth in the different states of matter and through the three ways of transmitting energy, and how to reduce the transfer of heat in a hands-on activity where the goal is to keep miners underground as cool as possible.

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