FREE E-workshop – Coding in Nature

Grade Level: 1 to 3
Date: September 8 - December 31, 2020
30 - 40 minutes in duration

Are you searching for a way to engage your students in live synchronous learning? Science North is pleased to offer a series of new e-workshops to engage your students.  Supported by the Government of Canada, this FREE interactive e-workshop is delivered to students using video conferencing technology. With links to the mathematics and science curriculum, your students will learn about coding in a fun and hands-on way, without having to leave the classroom!  

About the e-workshop:

Animals such as the honey bee are able to communicate using sequences of steps, similar to what we know in coding as an algorithm. Students will use this workshop to learn how bees communicate and then create their own coding game that gives their own bee a sequence of steps to follow. Students will be able to play this game together and make their own variations that they can play with their family. 

Things to consider when booking an interactive e-workshop: 

  • schools must complete a connection test upon confirmation of booking 

  • maximum of 30 students per session 

  • schools need: a microphone, speakers, a projector, a webcam and a high-speed internet connection  

  • workshops for grade 4-10 also require individual laptops/iPads for each student participant 

  • e-workshops are a single point connection between Science North and one participating school 

Science North is flexible with availability. Once you decide this is something you would be interested in, please contact Tina Leduc at leduc [at] to discuss booking your program. 


coding in nature

Start Date : 2020/09/08

End Date : 2020/12/31

Grade Level:
1 to 3

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