Field Trip Checklist



  • Plan and book your visit online and use your copy of our School Visit Guide to refer to the program list and descriptions to help select your activities.
  • Collect permission forms from parents. (for school purposes)
  • Pay the required deposit to Science North by cheque, VISA or MasterCard. (Reminder: $100 for school visits, $300 for Ultimate Field Trips or Sunset to Sunrise Camp-ins)
  • Arrange for transportation. (Tip: Invite another class to join to make the transportation costs more affordable)
  • When available, incorporate Science North pre-visit classroom activities that will help enhance the programs delivered during your visit.
  • Remind your students that the gift store will be open for them to shop.
  • Give each supervisor a copy of your confirmed daily schedule.
  • Divide your class into smaller groups, and assign a supervisor for each group.


  • Remind supervisors of their role during the visit.
  • Remind students that valuable items should not be brought.
  • Have your booking confirmation ready.
  • Count and confirm the number of students and supervisors in your group on the bus, when you depart and again when you depart for home.
  • Check-in at the front desk by providing exact number of adults and students per group. (Tip: Designate one adult to supervise the group while you check in and provide payment.)
  • Be clear with students and supervisors about your departure time and where to meet at the end of the day.
  • Complete our program evaluation forms after each program and tell us how we did.


Science North welcomes school groups along with the general public during operating hours. Please be respectful of others who may be enjoying the same experience as your group. 

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