Interactive e-workshops are an innovative way to get the Science North experience without leaving the classroom! These 50-minute hands-on workshops are delivered by Bluecoat scientists and will engage your students as they explore various scientific concepts.

All workshops are broadcasted in real-time from Science North’s videoconferencing studio and include a toolkit with the necessary equipment for your students!

Toy Dissection (Gears) - Grade 4

Ever wonder what your favourite toy looks like inside? Give your students the chance to explore all the different components of simple toys; including gears and cranks. Your young engineers take on a variety of roles as they take apart and reassemble our wind-up creatures.

Price: $200 plus HST

Light, Colour, and YOU! - Grades 4 -5 

Learn about the importance of light’s properties for the human visual system. Appreciate why we see colours the way we do.

Price: $200 plus HST

Thinking Like a Computer - Grades 4 - 8

Dive into the digital world of computers and learn how they solve complex problems. Apply these newfound digital skills to create your own algorithm for making a simple circuit. See how these methods can be applied to real-world problems.

Price: $300 plus HST

Creative Circuits - Grades 5 - 6 

Students will use conductive and insulating play dough, batteries, LED’s, buzzers and motors to explore series and parallel electrical circuits. Students will learn how energy is transferred from one system to another and about the different types of energy.

Price: $200 plus HST

It’s a Matter of Chemistry! - Grades 5 - 7

Explore different chemical reactions using substances commonly found around the home, and be amazed by the properties of matter.

Price: $200 plus HST

Innovative Products - Grades 7 - 8

Students will explore “regular” and “innovative” products, and gain an understanding of what makes something innovative. They will learn that many products in our everyday lives are either a solution or a mixture, including but not limited to building materials and clothing.

Price: $175 plus HST

Water We Testing? - Grades 7 - 8

Test various water samples to discover key differences between freshwater and saltwater. Recognize how easily human activities can affect the Earth’s water system.

Price: $225 plus HST

Systems in Action - Grades 8

Build a machine to make it easier to lift things and use scientific instruments to see the reduction of force and calculate mechanical advantage.

Price: $175 plus HST

Please note all e-workshops are charged a flat $20 + HST for shipping.

To book or for more information email:

eworkshops [at] sciencenorth.ca

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