COVID-19 Protocols

We remain committed to safely supporting school boards, teachers, and students while engaging classrooms with science in the world around them. Science North will provide teachers with a mandatory field trip form to complete prior to their arrival that will confirm all details for the group.  Please be sure to bring this completed form with you for your visit.

Booking a school visit

  • All class visits must be booked 2-weeks in advance.
  • All cancellation/change fees are waived for this school year.
  • Maximum of 5 groups per day will be booked at Science North and Maximum of 3 groups per day at Dynamic Earth.
  • Start times will either be at 9:45 am or 10:00 am.
  • Please do not bring school bags to Science North, only lunches.
  • All participants must wear masks at all times, except while seated and eating lunch at their designated lunch area.
  • Each class will have an assigned Bluecoat for the day. This Bluecoat will meet you at your bus when you arrive.
  • Students will remain in their class group throughout the day.
  • Each group will have their own designated storage area for coats, lunch bags, etc.
  • Each group will have a designated lunch area with as much distancing between students as possible. The minimum distance between cohorts for lunch areas will be 2 meters.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle as the fountains are only available for bottle fills.

Additional COVID-19 Protocols

For any further questions please email schoolvisit [at]

Whether in-person or virtually, we look forward to welcoming your class! Here is what is available:

  • School visits to Science North and Dynamic Earth.
  • Virtual learning packages for teaching in class or at a distance.
  • Online resources such as Science at Home and our Educator Resources hub are available 24/7 to support you this school year.
  • SHSM offerings are available at Science North, virtually or we can come to your classroom.
  • Teacher Workshops are available at Science North, virtually or we can come to your board office. Choose from Science North’s library of teacher workshops and we will provide you with the resources and know-how to complete hands-on science activities.
  • Ultimate Packages are suspended until further notice, as IMAX and Planetarium are not open at this time.

  • Sunset to Sunrise Camp-Ins are suspended until further notice

We will be updating this webpage and sending emails with the latest educational news as the school year progresses. Keep checking for updates or sign up to receive our monthly teacher newsletter.



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